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About BMW Motorcycles of Pensacola



In the spring of 2011 our owner Courtney Pereira was looking to share his enthusiasm for motorcycles with Pensacola by bringing the BMW franchise to the area. As luck would have it, BMW was also looking to bring a franchise to Pensacola. Everything fell into place at the right time, and BMW Motorcycles of Pensacola was formed.

Courtney gathered an outsanding staff of motorcycle enthusiasts and we came together, took the project and ran with it. The building we occupy was renovated in the summer of 2011 and we moved in immediately, before the dust had even settled, to begin setting up shop.

 Our small, yet enthusiastic staff has over 120 years of combined riding experiance, from multiple iron butt awards to road racing, and everything in between! Everyone at the shop lives and breathes motorcycles.

We don't have much "history" yet but we hope you stop in and say hi, and become part of our future!



About our Staff


Courtney Pereira - Owner

Courtney, the illustrious owner of BMW Motorcycles of Pensacola has been involved in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years.  He is a retired Navy veteran and has owned and operated several motorcycle dealerships in the Pensacola area over the years.  He rode his first BMW back in the early 70's a 1965 R50 and has been riding an R1200 GSA for the past 3 years and loves nothing more than farkling it out with the latest accessories. 


Tod Shuls - General Manager

Thanks to the constant moving provided by his 30 years of service in the United States Navy, Tod has had the opportunity to ride in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Thailand, and the most of the U.S.  He has ridden multiple brands of motorcycles for over 34 years, an AMA member for 23 years, and a Motorcycle Safety Instructor for 20 years.   His riding goal is to ride around world over a period of a year or two.


Richard and Tod

Richard Sullivan - Sales Manager

Richard started his passion for motorcycles at a young age, after being captivated by his fathers tales of motorcycle riding and reading plenty of motorcycle magazines. His first purchace into the motorcycle world was a basket case yamaha dirtbike at the age of 14, and hasnt looked back since. Ricahrd has been in the industry several years, from wrenching to selling. As long as he is on 2 wheels he is happy, regardless of brand. Richard maintains his WERA roadracing license and SERA enduro license and enjoys racing in the dirt and on the asphalt. 


Shawn Grayckowski - Parts Manager

Shawn is a Colorado native and came to us from the BMW automotive side. Starting at a young age Shawn learned how to ride on Honda's XR100R & XR200R.    Because of his love of motorcycles he decided to attend Motorcycle Mechanic's Institute (MMI) in Phoenix, AZ graduating in 2006 as a level 1 Technician in BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.  He has several years' experience in the Powersporst industry working at various Japanese & European Motorcycle dealerships as service advisor, service manager and parts manager.  Shawn is standing by to assist you with your parts & accessories needs for your BMW Motorcycle.


 Regina Sprague - Office AdministratorRegina has been riding for 8 years and has owned 3 motorcycles in that time. Her goal is a K1600!! She enjoys taking care of the bookkeeping for our new BMW dealership.  Long distance trips are my favorite! In her spare time she cooks for all the guys—Chili is her specialty—so stop by and enjoy a snack- while you browse our new showroom. 



David Peters - BMW Master Technician

Raised in the bitter cold winters of Eastern Canada, young David took an interest in service after a very memorable incident during his youth. When he was about 11 years old, he was approached by the young daughter of a neighborhood family who was in need of assisstance with her bicycle. It seems the young girls tire had gone flat and she was no longer able to ride her beloved two-wheeler. Without hesitiation, David sprung to action and offered to repair the aforementioned flat tire. After a few short minutes, David had the flat tire repaired and the young girl was on her way, with the biggest smile that had ever come upon her face.

The very next day, there was a knock at the front door where young David lived. When David's mother opened the door she did not know what to expect. But what she saw was a young girl, the same young girl who had previoulsy been the victim of a flat tire, holding a tray of freshly baked Chocoloate Chip cookies. 

Since that day, David knew what he was born to do, and had been doing it ever since. 


David and Max

Max Holmer - BMW Technician 

Max is a Florida native born and raised in Saint Petersburg. He bought his first motorcycle when he was 18 and though the models and brands have varied, he have not been without a motocycle since. In 2010 he moved to Orlando to attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, and compteted the BMW Motorrad Technician Training program in 2011. In September 2011, he accepted the oppurtunity to relocate and join a dedicated team opening a new BMW Motorcycle dealership here in Pensacola. To be continued....

Mark Goode - Parts Consultant

Mark has been riding motorcycles since he was 13 years old.  He has an extensive military background with disciplines in law enforcement and personal security.   Working our parts counter, he enjoys explaining the features and benefits of the accessories & Farkels we sell to our customers. Mark is also a student pursusing a degree in Oceanography/Marine Science with the aspriation of developing the first underwater motorcycle.  


Jason Walley - Service Advisor

Jason is our newest addition to the shop has always been interested in bikes since he was young. He bought his first bike in 2010 and enjoyed riding and being around motorcycles so much he decided to make a career change. He attended MMI in Orlando, FL where he received factory technician training for BMW motorcycles as well as other brands. His main interests are in the sport bike and racing world but he enjoys all types of motorcycles.